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Vakhsh River

Vakhsh is one of the main and widest rivers in Tajikistan and Central Asia with unique species of fish.

The Vakhsh River, in north-central Tajikistan, is a Central Asian river, and one of the main rivers in Tajikistan. It is a tributary of the Amu Darya River. It is a very important source of water, not only to Tajikistan but as one of the largest tributaries of the Amu-Darya, supplies huge amounts of water used in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for agricultural purposes. The river flows through the very mountainous territory, which frequently restricts the river’s flow to narrow channels within deep gorges.There are recreational zones along the river; included fishing, recreation on the huge Norak reservoir, and a few adventurous kayakers and rafters and organized tourist services.

Norak Dam

Norak Dam built in 1980 on the Vakhsh River 75 km east of Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe. It is currently the tallest dam in the world with the highest point located 310 m above its basement. The mound volume is 54 mln m3. The collected waters rotate nine hydroelectric turbines and produce most of Tajikistan’s 4.0 GW hydroelectric generating capacity, which meets 98% of the nation’s electricity needs.