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Dushanbe city tour

The guide will meet you at your hotel

You start the tour from the nearest place to your hotel. Today you will visit:
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Park Iram
Kokhi Navruz
National Museum of Antiquities
One Minibus

Close to Varzob

It is widely known as a small geographic area close to Dushanbe in the basin of the Varzob River, crossing the central part of the southern slopes of the Hisor range. There are juniper, walnut, maple, apple, cherry plum, and hawthorn trees, and shrubby arboreal vegetation. There is a fairly deep round pool here filled with ice-cold water, a fine spray from the waterfall and a current powerful enough to send one sprawling.

A day in nature

You don’t need to travel 1000 kilometres

Now the wilderness of «Varzob» is just 35km from your hotel.

You witness the breathtaking views

Pure Nature

1 hour

Victory Park — the uniqueness of the pure nature

With the beauty of flowers and verdant view of the hills

The nature

40 minutes

It is possible to see the wilderness  without getting out of the city

«Park Iram» one of the best picturesque views of Dushanbe city